Natural Gas & Propane

Gas Line Connections

Natural gas and propane are an efficient and readily available fuel source for various types of home equipment. If you need to run a gas line for your new equipment or are preparing a new build, contact us today!

Connecting Gas Powered Equipment

Home Comfort Equipment

Furnaces, fireplaces, water heats, dryers, and even boilers all make use of natural gas and need a dedicated gas line for optimum fuel access.

Cooking Equipment

For gas powered ovens and barbecues, you’ll need a direct line to your natural gas supply. Cook up a storm with the power of gas!

Recreational Needs

Pools, hot tubs, and outbuildings on your property can use natural gas or propane as a fuel source to keep the ideal temperature when you need it.

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Natural gas and propane line installation for your equipment or recreational needs in and around Owen Sound, Ontario. Let’s heat things up together!

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